The Fate of Artists on Earth

February 28th, 2023

Influence through "Artistic Restimulation"

For a totalitarian regime to survive, it needs to repress those who might threaten its existence. Such is the case with our current society here on Earth, which has long suppressed artists to maintain control over the minds of its followers—and itself. A testament to this can be seen in almost any high-rated broadcast with performers. There is always reference to the dark arts over the last few years, especially even more post covid drama. This sort of thing doesn't mean these things they are dramatizing are true. It only means they have the power and pocketbooks to TRY to influence people to be restimulated through popular art and so-called culture.

Be Cool or Be Cast Out

Artists are a threat to conformity. Artists don't care about your rules and regulations because they want to avoid fitting in with the crowd. They have their ideas and opinions, which often go against what "society" considers normal or acceptable behavior - which can be scary to the 1% in power.

Artists are not afraid to break the rules or challenge authority; they're also not afraid to be different from everyone else around them (and sometimes even themselves). They want their artworks or performances to stand out amongst everything else, so they'll do whatever it takes until they get there: whether that means working outside of their comfort zone as an artist or standing up for themselves when others try telling you "no."

The last thing an artist wants is conformity; instead, they strive for honesty and authenticity above all else--even if this means getting rejected by people who don't understand their work yet still believe in making something meaningful regardless if others agree with them or not, a massive worry to the 1% when their foes have nothing to lose, as their art is more important than their lives. An admirable trait they cannot stand, but they do get it can tip the scales if given any margin.

Artists Help People Think for Themselves

Artists are the ones who help people think for themselves. They are often critical of the status quo, challenge it, and change it if the right chords are struck enough, which is why they're so suppressed. Artists are fearless in speaking out against injustice, even when it's unpopular or dangerous. Many artists have been ahead of their time with their ideas about politics or social issues for millennia.

Artists Encourage Change and Reform

Artists are the ones who change society. They're the ones who bring about change and make people think for themselves, encouraging them to question things and authority. But this is precisely why artists are so suppressed in our world today: because they encourage people to think freely, which can lead them down paths that don't benefit those in power.

Artists have always been a threat to governments and leaders throughout history here on Earth and down the track, not just because their work can be controversial or offensive to some based on the viewpoints of others. Artists challenge systems of power by making us question what we've been taught about how things should be done; they encourage us not just to accept what we see as inevitable but also to imagine new possibilities; they show us what it would look like if we were able to reshape our society based on these imagined possibilities rather than simply accepting its current state as immutable fact.

Artists can influence people in ways that make them question The planet's current state of repression and suppression.

Artists, in many ways, are the only ones who understand what is going on from an external viewpoint and express that viewpoint through their art. They can make people care about what is happening through their communication in art, and their voices if prominent.

LRH has said that without artists, our world would halt. Where would we be without a tune to have as an earworm or a favorite drama to talk about with one another over dinner or a drink? Who would inspire us? A beautiful view at a national park can inspire, too, but it's a different inspiration in many ways when there isn't a voice behind it. Sentient beings tend to inspire doingness toward betterment in many ways a pretty view cannot.

The Value of Viewpoints

Artists have a unique perspective on the situations of the world, which makes them uniquely qualified to help others understand what is happening in ways that could not or would not be expressed, as art is a form of communication different from others.
For this reason, the suppression of artists is essential for the continued survival of those who would control the planet and its people.

The suppression of artists is essential for the continued survival of the wealthy as it currently exists. Artists threaten conformity, and change is something that the cabal running the planet cannot tolerate. Artists encourage people to think for themselves, which may lead them away from the "groupthink or bank think" mentality that keeps people from asking too many questions about how things work within their community.

The influence of an artist can be powerful enough to change lives and even entire societies by encouraging new ideas and better ways of thinking about things like identity or relationships with others in society -- all things that run counter to what those in power on this planet want US to believe about themselves as individuals, our true nature as beings, and the truths of this and other universes.

An Artists FATE on EARTH

These days artists are driven to drink, take drugs, deal with the "devil"(literally and figuratively), suicide, and many other horrible fates due to their true innate power as drivers of freedom and actual ability.

What did LRH have to say about this?

"A thetan is capable of an enormous amount of constructive action. In fact, his greatest surge forward will be when you rehabilitate him artistically by taking out of him all of his uncertainty about his own beauty and the beauty of his own work.

In other words, when you take artistic criticism out of him, when you remove artistic criticism out of him, he will rather definitely change. If you rehabilitate his artistic creative ability he's doing the finest thing that he does on the track, And he gets very, very interested. If you were to do this possibly with only a few dozen people you would have a renaissance on Earth. You just couldn't help it because it’s almost completely missing here on Earth today.

You rehabilitate a thetan's artistic ability because that’s the best there is in him. And when that is eclipsed then the best of the thetan is eclipsed.

We find a thetan can do anything that was ever done on the track. He can go into any span of art there is.

The universe is wide open."


In Closing

Tune in to this weeks AOGP podcast coming tomorrow for an indepth technical look at the fate of artists and what we can do about it.