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Independent Scientology Auditing - Grade I Completion Success Story

"There is much control to be gained in knowing that a problem is self-created and will exist so long as you feed it with thought, importance, and attention, it will actually disappear if you don't consider it to BE a problem. "

AOGP Tech Blog - 18

"You may ask yourself, "What is this all about?" Well, after over 70 years and much debate and experimentation, Earth physics has now proven that the physical universe is just one of many universes with this experiment. That's really what this means from an Independent Scientological viewpoint."

Independent Scientology Grade Zero Completion Success Story

On communication - WOW!! Either you make an impact or you don't. I used to wonder what was at the

Life Repair Auditing Success Story from Austrailia and Thank You

Independent Scientology Training Courses

Study at your own pace, standardly. No pressure, with an accent on getting it right every time. All supervised by Pro-Supervisors, in the comfort of your own home.

Independent Scientology Success Stories (ALL)

Scientology Drug Rundown Completion - March 18th, 2022 Completing my Scientology Drug Rundown with Jonathan gave me a new understanding

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