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Why Independent Scientology is my Permanent Occupation November 22nd, 2022 Naivete plus ultra I've been an Auditor for over 34

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"So, the next time you’re feeling unhappy, ask yourself when last you’ve won at something, and then find something you can win at."

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"Now that is truly a win for theta! What you do in the application of the Scientology tech DOES have an impact, a far greater impact than one might suppose."

Independent Scientology Tech Blog

Our latest blog posts can now be found as seperate posts here: AOGP Tech Blog - 18“You may ask

ARC Straightwire Grade Completion Success Story

I will try to put together in an understandable manner my wins and realizations... The concept of time to me

Indpendent Scientology L 11 Success Story

For myself, L11 was magical. The magic IS, my perceptions have become more powerful, synchronizing with the (Theta) universe vibes

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