I'm enjoying auditing so much generally. It's the highlight of my day.

So Grade 1: Subject audited - HELP and PROBLEMS. Sooooo cool!!

What I take from this is spectacular for me. I was able to remove myself from my situations and come to see that the actual size of a problem is the amount of attention you give it, the space you allow it to occupy in your life, and the greatest part here is that it has been initiated or created entirely by oneself.

Now, for someone who hasn't done this processing, the question to be asked is WHY? Why would you give yourself these complications and then act like you are a victim of them? Well, clearly, you are not consciously doing this to yourself, that's understood. I haven't figured out the why, but I can put my finger on the FACT that problems originate from ourselves. Raising awareness of the subject gives one better control in that he can DO something about the problem.

One can start by acknowledging what the problem is and KNOWING that it comes from within. So technically, is the problem really there? If it is too present, how can we make it smaller? Giving it less importance (or looking at it from another's standpoint... from a viewpoint where one wouldn't be affected by the problem). There is much control to be gained in knowing that a problem is self-created and will exist so long as you feed it with thought, importance, and attention, it will actually disappear if you don't consider it to BE a problem.

Here is how I imagine it: When I'm looking at something that really bugs me, I pretend to inflate my being with a foot pump. So I grow ME big like the house.... so whatever I'm dealing with becomes so small I cannot see it anymore.

It's really a matter of proportion, are you bigger, stronger, and more fierce, or are you shielding yourself from impact or hiding so nothing can happen? How high on the tone scale can you be, how much energy can you muster, and how much power can you generate so that you are BIGGER than the situation? (I'm talking courage and level of confront).

So if you can't make your problem smaller, make YOU bigger; it's all the same. :)