This ARC Straight-Wire success story, like most of my stories, has a funny twist. Today I was feeling a little down, when I say a little, I mean a little by my old standards. I was down because of a few factors but mostly it was me looking at the global situation, and how much I’d rather have everyone be in enthusiasm or strong interest. Do you know what enthusiasm and strong interest looks like to us now? It looks foreign. It looks either fake or like someone is manic or on drugs. That’s how little we can “have” high toned people. I find this less and less true the more I go up the Bridge. It’s a beautiful thing seeing someone happy and thriving. One doesn’t need to watch video marketers to see these kinds of people, there are actually happy people still around.

But, I digress. Today was a low point for me, and I found myself questioning old habits. At one point I laughed at myself, because I was like “Lisa, where is the meltdown?” Where’s the wanting to stay in bed or take a day off or buy cake to fix everything? At that point, I knew something was very different with me, and we had done ARC Straight-wire the day before! I had not even looked at the EP before this evening and just like that, I knew today during my low moment that I’d never get worse. I’d never get to those low points again. So that’s my success story! The twist is that I got the EP and didn’t even realize it was that until the question was asked. Life is strange, but it’s strange and FUN as a Scientologist!‌
‌Much love,