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Independent Scientology Success Stories - Basic Study Course

Independent Scientology Success Stories - Basic Study Course

The Basic Study Course, through STOSA, exceeded my expectations. In a way that was understandable to a person new to studying basic Scientology principles, the course was laid out in a way that each section built on the next, demanding complete understanding before moving forward.

‌More than just learning the actual basics of study, this course provided me with tools that I could immediately take and apply in everyday life.

‌I found the most benefit in learning the importance of balancing significance and mass and have applied those basic ideas daily since I began my study. Additionally, understanding the danger that misunderstood words can pose to successful study I have found myself spending more time looking through a dictionary and making up sentences with the intention of clearing words (often times that I thought I knew the meaning of, but really didn’t) than I ever thought I would.

‌My course supervisor, Michael E. Salihovich, was a tremendous help from the beginning to the end of the course. Michael has a deep knowledge of study tech and has a talent for being a tough but fair coach. He was willing to spend time answering questions, always going back to the tech to help me clear up misunderstood. Whether someone aims to progress in their Scientology studies or just gain a general understanding of how to better study any topic or subject, the Basic Study Course will be an invaluable tool to assisting them in their journey. ‌
‌J. L.

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