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Independent Scientology Success Stories - Basic Study Course

Independent Scientology Success Stories - Basic Study Course

I started the Basic Study Course feeling enthusiastic and bright, ready to learn how to study.  However, my very first barrier came into play when I decided it was "too easy." I skipped through the first two units. Got to the first essay and realized that I had no clue as to what they were asking. I actually hit the blank of a misunderstood word!  I had my doubts regarding this concept initially so. I applied the word clearing, even although I really didn't know WHAT word tripped me up, but I cleared about six words, and began to understand things better.

Prior to this course, I would have reread the material until I found the CONCEPT I didn't get. Now I KNOW how to handle this scenario in future.  I LOVE researching, but now I can actually begin to absorb and apply the stuff I discover, and I have the key to unlocking understanding of the topics, whatever they may be!  (Just clear the misunderstoods!)

Aside from word clearing, having a clearer view of the processes used in courses,  is really going to help me build confidence for my future courses. The best thing I've noticed about this study, is that I can ACTUALLY see improvement in my approach to learning (and teaching) things. Thank you AOGP Team!"


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