I had always been wary of accepting others’ reality, and also of completely refuting anything but my own reality. I always keep a door open and I guess this is both rational and at times, confusing. It becomes confusing when you keep the door open so much that you don’t trust your own knowingness. Such was the case with my past-life Clear status, because when the words came out, I was like “that’s it?” I had expected to go exterior and have bells and whistles and chariots coming from the sky. Lol! But now I realise that there has been so much validation prior to this that I simply cannot invalidate the fact that I KNOW this to be the case.

I consider the cognitions I had early on to be memories. For example, when I started reading some books by LRH prior to doing courses, I just had cog after cog and it was almost too much! I asked myself, how does this stuff make so much sense and it was more than just the excitement of learning something new, these were memories coming back like someone opened the floodgates.

Secondly, I hadn’t really looked what was the next step on the Bridge after Clear (the Sunshine Rundown) and, it’s the funniest thing, I starting singing the song “I’m walking on sunshine” right after the end of my Clear process. Of course, this may just be coincidence but I find it a cute story to tell nonetheless.

The bigger part to this story is the stuff I will write next. Very early on in Scn I was in the process of reading Dianetics when something incredible happened. I had a MAJOR cog that would change the way I see life forever. I wrote a thesis paper worth 10 000 words and shared it with only a select few. It was both philosophical and scientific in nature about the universe, and recently I found out why: I discovered during recent auditing I was a well-known physicist who worked on these concepts, but there’s even more.

The last bit of validation came after doing the Sunshine Rundown. This basic rundown was exactly the stuff I was writing about in my original thesis paper! Everything simply feels as if it is coming together and while these simple words on a page cannot explain the depths into which this goes, take my word for it, LRH had it right.

Lastly, my abilities are increasing. Being Clear and Knowing feels like the difference between having a dump to clean, and just simply needing a dust every now and then. Things are seen clearer now and when your awareness increases, the good things one can pull in increases. One of the many joys of being Clear is this very thing, the ability to pull positive stuff and people toward you.

Much Love,