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Independent Scientology Success Stories - HACS - Class IX Course

Independent Scientology Success Stories - HACS - Class IX Course

This HACS course was awesome! All there is to know about what a being is composed of is detailed in this course. The basic procedure to free a Thetan is fully described and the way the course is designed cannot but guarantee anyone to be proficient in its delivery.

‌      This course really gave me all the confidence I needed to audit NOTS (on myself and others). I am pretty much ready to go onto SOLO NOTS. I have no doubt of the results I can get on myself. Doing this course there is no situation that comes up that I can’t handle. Jon has accompanied me all the way through the course, so I actually had the privilege to be supervised by a CLASS XII.

It’s amazing the amount of TA (charge) I blow in each session. And I know that this is all due to the depth of this course. It really has all you need to make it to OT. I know I will make it, I have no doubt.

‌      I’d like to thank everyone at AOGP for giving me the chance to move all the way up this incredible bridge.


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