When I started OT III, I did not know what I was getting into. As I went along, I literally saw MASS flying off. As a matter of fact, in one session, I felt a huge heavy load blow on the spot, as though an avalanche of burdens had discharged. I felt I was less and less impulsive and more and more self-determined in my daily actions. For some reason, that I later discovered, I was always in a hurry. And, that went for auditing also. That impulse vanished in the final sessions, and life took on and more relaxed and smooth attitude.

‌     Life and all that it is composed of has seemed to be less overwhelming. I feel more in control of its randomities. The nervousness that has inhabited me for so many years has receded. I feel more at peace with this body and its universe.

I realized that we all came into Scientology for the same reason. We all sensed that there was something unknown inside of us, holding us back, acting like a parasite. And we all came into Scientology to find out what it was and blow it out.‌
‌But this thing is not so easy to shake off, so Ron developed a gradient approach (purify, grades, …) to scrape a little bit off at a time. I can now see why it is impossible to immediately confront the beast in its entirety and adopted a gradient approach.

‌All I can say now is that the beast is now into full view and ready to be attacked. And I know that Ron has developed the perfect tool to do the rest of the job, and I can’t wait to start using it.

‌Thanks, Ron, for your genius, and thanks to AOGP and Mr. Burke for being there to give us the chance to enter this final battle!

A. P.