All the clouds gone away and the sun shines through. Since doing this Class lX Auditor course, I can lay here and just watch the trees sway. As a being, I am & feel, military grade bullet proof. These are the biggest embracing moments of my life.

‌Choosing this path up the bridge is not a walk in the park. It takes discipline, true application of the study tech & the ability to confront anything...especially myself, which isn't always fun, but I  can laugh at it now. I confronted myself on this course. Now I understand why the Bridge is set up as a gradient.

‌The Class lX Auditor Course has given me answers to all my spiritual warrior questions. I have always been a truth seeker & protector of people & their rights.

Now, I know why.

‌I am telling you all this because we all have purpose for ourselves or others.In my humble opinion, the Bridge is the most rewarding endeavor anyone can choose to do.

‌On this planet in these "brief moments" I have learned to completely free beings on the Class lX Course. You can too. I have a smile in my soul. Now I am fully equipped to Audit.  I feel fully confident I will make it. How about this concept, imagine, with a shining Theta sword & the ability to free beings with or with out a body on all flows. This my friends, is true purpose.‌
‌I feel it necessary to give you my past on this path to help you understand how we all need to stand strong together & conquer. No matter where we are  on the Bridge. Every step is vital. Every being reading this is already OT.

LRH gave us  a hat write up, that Johnathan and Lisa at AOGP are keeping the Tech pure & safe for us. When I got into the COS, I knew LRH had the answers. I have always been a truth seeker, I made little progress up the bridge in the COS because of my self determination & questions, however the COS was not Standard Tech nor what LRH intended, for he is a true humanitarian. I saw the out tech. I was labeled critical & "rebel with out a cause" pushing me to get out of the church.

I was a broken being as I felt I had lost any chance of spiritual freedom. Condemned to a life of MEST. I was then guided by my son to the independent field, there I met a wonderful being named Russell who walked beside me, helped & guided me to OT lll..for he saw my truth, even as broken as I was, my purpose still shined through. For him I am eternally grateful, so grateful words cannot express.

‌Then I found AOGP, this still somewhat broken being, and they got me through New OT IV and V, and the Original OT IV, V,  & Vl.

Then guided & trained me up through this Class lX Auditor Course. Anton, my twin, I thank so you very much for twinning with me on theory & checkouts. You are a very valuable terminal to have support from on this path.

‌Johnathan, Lisa -AOGP is here, the beings in charge to give us the tech of what LRH intended.

‌I'm sharing this with you because it doesn't matter where you are on the bridge, if you take that next'll get your so-deserved wins. Push through those barriers, don't let anyone suppress you. Get hatted on The PTS Tech, The Ethics Tech and use it in life. AOGP will Standardly train you to what LRH intended. This is why I made it this far. The Class lX Auditor data now resides as a part of my being. Pure Standard Tech certainty & knowingness resides within me. I apply it every day in life. Getting on the OT levels & training to free beings is most vital here on planet earth than any other time in past eons.

The true path to ascention is at our finger tips. Embrace what LRH says that training is 50% of the gains. For me it is 80%, no one is able to knock me down. I come from a background of much suppression. Now I stand tall, beside you all present here, without fear to Free Beings.

I am truly honored to be a part of this path with you.

‌In true spirit.

😇💙🙏~ Jennie