December 9th, 2022

L11 helped me in an unexpected way. I thought doing it would directly help MY OWN Doingness, but it wasn’t so straightforward. By having the cognition of everyone (regardless of good or bad) is just trying to survive, I was able to improve all my relationships across my dynamics.

Up until very recently, I was just looking at the level very narrowly, thinking it was only about production and focusing on the third and sixth dynamics. It’s so much more than that. We also can’t completely separate DO from Be and Have, which is something I did at first.

I think this level helps greatly with withholds and granting beingness. You stop withholding yourself from these relationships (because so much of what we DO has to do with the people in our lives) and as a result, your doingness increases - there are fewer stops because of uncertainty and fear, and you’re also able to grant others beingness with their own frustrations. This has a direct impact on Beingness because you start to rise above the negative considerations and are able to disagree with them. It has an impact on havingness too because fewer stops mean an increase in havingness when one is actively pursuing one’s goals and dreams.

When I say havingness, it’s not just about material things. I’m getting so much more affinity flowing toward me from so many places! My second dynamic has improved significantly - we don’t know how guarded we are until we actually SEE it for ourselves. My relationship with my family has improved significantly too, where even though I am the youngest, I am being confided in and asked for advice and help! Even my pets have shown me so much more affinity lately and my business is flourishing because of such high ARC between my clients and myself. I literally get told daily by beings that I matter, that I’m the sweetest person ever and that they love me. That, is worth more than gold to me, not because it strokes my ego, but because I want to be the kindness I want to see in the world and I’m living it.

The knock-off effect of this obviously pays off too - I am living in abundance in every way. This level definitely is A New Life and Truth.

I’d say I incorrectly mislabeled this level as simply Doing MORE when it could actually be Doing LESS. Have you ever told a lie and then had to tell another and another and it just exhausted you to where you had to tell the truth anyway? Whereas telling the truth the first time around completed that cycle and even though it may have been hard, it was so much easier? That’s really what’s true for me on this level because any aberration is a deviation from what actually IS - so we try to compensate for irresponsibilities and shortcomings with things that aren’t, which is the long way around.

In other words, this level wasn’t so much about Activity as it was CORRECT Activity, which we can label as Responsibility. A word of caution though: this level pushes you to be your best by pulling things to be responsible for in your universe. Or perhaps it was there the whole time and only when you are able to see it for what it does, it becomes obvious that you have so many things to be responsible for!

I can tell you that you have so many people and things that need you, but showing you with L11 is so much easier!

There’s definitely a difference between analytical understanding of what needs to be done vs. total knowingness. With analytical understanding, I’ve always known that it was the right thing to do to help people with Scientology through Scientologirl videos, my blog, and helping Jon. However, total knowingness removes those withholds of ARC, so you can just be and allow others to be without enforcing anything. This was a huge challenge for me up until very recently, growing up in an environment where ARC had to be earned and also questioned unless the person was “a Christian who clearly had the Holy Spirit in them.”  No. We are good beings all on our own, we just need a little help remembering.

Honestly, very early into my Scientology journey, I will say that yes, I still felt I needed to help people, but a lot of it was motivated by self-interest. Nobody gets in Scientology thinking “I’m going to be a good person for everyone else” - and I’m aware that may be my justifier but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s true. We want to be better, we want to be important, we want admiration and money and peace and an easier life. But as I continue this journey, I’m being drawn more and more into how can I make this world a better place, and how can I help my fellow men, women, and children. How can I help the creatures and this planet survive better? I have this strong urge towards helping us figure out this mess we’ve gotten ourselves in, but for now, I’m accepting that it’s a gradient and that before I can save others, I need to save myself first or we will be the blind leading the blind.

I await the OT levels patiently!

I don’t have a comparable magnitude on auditors to make the following statement, but I do have one on myself from who I was to who I am now. I have an incredible auditor and even though having a 2D as an auditor comes with its challenges, I wouldn’t trade Jon for the world. Because of him and LRH, my whole universe has been restructured from a wilting garden to a paradise.

I am loving life.

You can too!