Doing the life repair was very beneficial for me! I had some difficult times during childhood and in recent years. Previously, I tried several types of therapy with a number of therapists over the course of a few years. They brought back negative emotions, brought me down, and left me even more confused. Because of the drawn-out nature of traditional therapy, it would take nearly a year to get the same hours covered as a life repair that could be completed in weeks to months at a fraction of the cost. Also, the life repair is very systematic addressing key issues that need to be addressed versus just having an aimless talk on a couch.

Plus, in traditional therapy, just when the session is getting interesting or uncovering something, the session ends, the moment is lost, and usually by the next session, it's almost like starting over. With the life repair, Jonathan is careful to ensure that an area is properly processed, and the charge is removed before ending the session. He is willing to schedule blocks of time, allowing you to work intensively and cover much more very efficiently.

There are so many events and circumstances that occurred early in my life that I was not aware of taking place. Either I had not thought about them in years or, when they occurred, I was too young to properly analyze and understand them. I gained so much perspective and awareness during the life repair that I don't think I could have gained any other way. I found myself journaling for hours with all the thoughts that surfaced. This helped me to understand so many aspects of my life and gave me the needed clarity to make some tough decisions.

Jonathan is extremely professional and empathetic. He takes his work very seriously and over-delivers in terms of the time and attention that he puts into getting the most out of a case.

If you have been through a rough patch, if you are having trouble with a life decision, or need clarity, I strongly encourage you to seek help with AOGP and Jonathan. I found it to be a safe, judgment-free atmosphere that left me feeling much better and much more certain about my life path.

I also learned a great deal and got so many practical references that I can use daily, allowing me to be more capable in business and in life.