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Getting Things Back on Course

For decades, tens of thousands of people taking the Oxford Capacity Analysis Assessment, wrong indications were the norm. The historical reason for this is simple. Alterations occurred in the assessment questions due to copyright ownership conflicts with the copyright holders at the time and the COS.

The OCA had been a wildly successful action on the registration lines, though an unintended use for it. Since the COS wanted to keep using it for this altered purpose, their response was to alter the test as well. In so doing, the church altered the questions and its original intent for use by LRH, thereby drastically changing the outcome of the test for those who took it. The church to this day still uses the modified and altered version.

Since then, the test that the COS uses has been producing wrong indications for literally everyone that took it. Creating distrust in the test to the point of it falling out of use on technical lines almost entirely and on public lines altogether in the Independent field outside of the church.

After thorough research, AOGP has recovered ALL of the original unaltered test documents including the incredibly hard to find origninal assessment grading materials.

Standard Tech is Back for the OCA

With the recovery of the original Oxford Capacity Analysis assessment materials, AOGP is now offering a free OCA assessment grading service for those interested wanting to find more out about themselves. You will be surprised how accurate the assessment is! Evaluations can be done upon request.

The OCA assessement, done correctly, can significantly improve PC/Pre-OT folder programming done by a standard Independent Scientology Case Supervisor. Thus increasing the amount of case gain available and shortening auditing time in many cases. The assessment also gives accurate information about areas in life that can be remedied or improved significantly, and also areas where one excels in life currently.