The College of Indpenedent Scientology is where you will find all of our life courses, compiled by dedicated Independent Scientologists to bring you closer to knowing about yourself and life.

Our courses include the basics such as The Family Hat, Problems of Work and Basic Communication. We have more advanced courses for those who want to become Auditors or brush up on their skills.

The College is here with over 50 original unaltered and authentic Scientology courses to choose from.

These are available online to you, where you'll be using standard checksheets including all the materials (your course pack and lectures) that you need for your course. These are all high resolution PDFs and crystal clear streaming digital audio lectures. You can even download the materials to your computer and print them off as needed at any time!

All technical and administrative dictionaries, study materials, lectures, lecture transcripts, graphics, visual aids, and much more are included in our courses freely.

Empowering and enabling you as the student to study in a pressure free study environment on your own time is of utmost importance to us. There is unlimited standard course supervision is included for all students, and Case Supervision for all co-audit courses. You can set your own appointment times for checkouts on our website with SMS reminders sent to your smartphone to remind you of upcoming appointments any day of the week.

We hope to see you join us at our College!


Introductory Course videos: