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Stories and wins on the OT Levels with AOGP.

AOGP Tech Blog - 18

"You may ask yourself, "What is this all about?" Well, after over 70 years and much debate and experimentation, Earth physics has now proven that the physical universe is just one of many universes with this experiment. That's really what this means from an Independent Scientological viewpoint."

Independent Scientology OT Levels Auditing

OT Grades or Levels: The Operating Thetan levels or OT Levels of Independent Scientology [https://booking.setmore.com/scheduleappointment/5a205b5e-54aa-492f-a60d-fa47ed766d9a/

Independent Scientology Success stories - New OT V

‌ For me this was the most spectacular step so far on the BRIDGE. I’ve seen many New OT V

Independent Scientology Success Stories - OT III

When I started OT III [https://booking.setmore.com/scheduleappointment/5a205b5e-54aa-492f-a60d-fa47ed766d9a/services/s3199961bbd289ee85beee4df9ed132f3782a0c94] , I did not know what I was

Independent Scientology Success stories - OT II

Wow, Amazing. The last Item I ran on OT II [https://booking.setmore.com/scheduleappointment/5a205b5e-54aa-492f-a60d-fa47ed766d9a/services/s3199961bbd289ee85beee4df9ed132f3782a0c94] , I had

Independent Scientology Success Stories - Original OT V

Original OT V [https://booking.setmore.com/scheduleappointment/5a205b5e-54aa-492f-a60d-fa47ed766d9a/services/s3199961bbd289ee85beee4df9ed132f3782a0c94] did so much in the areas of granting beingness,

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