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"A thetan is capable of an enormous amount of constructive action. In fact, his greatest surge forward will be when you rehabilitate him artistically by taking out of him all of his uncertainty about his own beauty and the beauty of his own work."

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Original Sin? January 26, 2023 I grew up in a Christian household, and it was only really in my 20s

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"So, the next time you’re feeling unhappy, ask yourself when last you’ve won at something, and then find something you can win at."

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"Now that is truly a win for theta! What you do in the application of the Scientology tech DOES have an impact, a far greater impact than one might suppose."

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"You may ask yourself, "What is this all about?" Well, after over 70 years and much debate and experimentation, Earth physics has now proven that the physical universe is just one of many universes with this experiment. That's really what this means from an Independent Scientological viewpoint."

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