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Success stories from Independent Scientology Auditing and Training with AOGP.

Independent Scientology Auditing - Grade I Completion Success Story

"There is much control to be gained in knowing that a problem is self-created and will exist so long as you feed it with thought, importance, and attention, it will actually disappear if you don't consider it to BE a problem. "

Independent Scientology, Auditing Life Repair - A Success Story

Doing the life repair was very beneficial for me! I had some difficult times during childhood and in recent years.

L11 Completion Success Story

December 9th, 2022 L11 helped me in an unexpected way. I thought doing it would directly help MY OWN Doingness,

Independent Scientology Success Stories - L11 Completion

‌ ‌L 11 [] Completion - March 16th, 2022 Life seems like a maze

Independent Scientology Success Stories - Grade II Completion

As Grade II [] comes to an end, I really wonder how on

Independent Scientology Success Stories - Basic Study Course

‌ The Basic Study course [] was very rewarding. I learned a lot of things that

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