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Below are some examples of questions you can ask in the text box above:

  • What is the ARC Triangle and how does it relate to human relationships?
  • Can you explain the Eight Dynamics and their significance in Independent Scientology?
  • How does Independent Scientology differ from traditional psychology?
  • What is PTSness?
  • What is a suppressive person?
  • What is the role of an auditor in Independent Scientology?
  • How can Independent Scientology be applied in daily life?
  • What are the key principles of Dianetics?
  • How does Independent Scientology address the concept of the human soul?
  • What happens when an engram gets keyed in?
  • What is exteriorization in Independent Scientology?
  • How can Independent Scientology help individuals overcome personal challenges and achieve their goals through auditing?


The Independent Scientology Oracle-Lite AI assistants on this site are provided to help users get to know and understand Independent Scientology free of charge.

A version of our AI, Oracle-PRO, that includes the entire written and spoken word works of L. Ron Hubbard (Over 50 450-page volumes!) is provided to our students and pre-clears once on a major service with AOGP.

All documents in the Pro version have been re-typeset and are searchable, downloadable, and ready for AI conversations with one or thousands of documents all at once. Something no other source on the planet has ever had until now.

By analyzing the provided documents, Oracle can offer insights and explanations about the fundamental principles, practices, and applications of Independent Scientology. These documents include "Fundamentals of Thought," "Scientology: A New Slant on Life," "Self Analysis,” and “The Abridged Scientology and Dianetics Dictionary."

Both Oracle-Lite and Oracle-Pro can help users explore the origins and development of Scientology, as well as its founder, L. Ron Hubbard. It can provide information about Hubbard's background, his academic training, and the process of discovering and organizing the principles of Scientology, and that is only the beginning.

You can converse with the rest of Indpendent Scientology's voluminous LRH library of lectures and texts by starting a major course or auditing by contacting us here at AOGP.  Become part of the brave new world of machine learning and AI.

Additionally, it can explain how Independent Scientology differs from the Corporate Church of Scientology as well as other psychological approaches, such as Wundtian psychology, and how it improves human ability, intelligence, and behavior among many other traits as well.

Utilizing the information in these documents can guide users in understanding the practical applications of Independent Scientology. The Oracles can explain how auditors employ Scientology to help individuals and groups improve their health, intelligence, and competence through various courses and auditing steps.

Furthermore, the Oracles can discuss the importance of combining processing and education in Scientology to achieve a balanced personal growth and development approach.

They can also help users explore the broader implications of Independent Scientology in society. The Oracles can discuss the role of the Merchants of Chaos for example, who profit from creating a dangerous environment and perpetuating conflict.

By understanding these societal influences, users can better appreciate the value of Independent Scientology as a tool for personal and collective improvement, as well as its potential to counteract the negative effects of chaos and confusion of the modern-day world in the 21st century, post-Covid.

Below are additional books and documents you can have conversations with using Oracle-Lite. - Enjoy!

The Basic Book - Dianetics: The Original Thesis

"Dianetics: The Original Thesis," (sent out to publishers two years before Dianetics hit bookstore shelves and was an overnight sensation), is the actual thesis that started the revolutionary development of Dianetics. - It outlines the principles of Dianetics, a system of therapy that aims to eliminate the negative effects of past traumas on the mind and body. The book explains that the goal of Dianetics is to help individuals achieve survival and happiness by removing painful experiences that have caused mental aberrations. The book also provides an analogy of the mind, dividing it into two sections: the physio-animal section and the analytical section. The physio-animal section is responsible for controlling the body's physical functions, while the analytical section is responsible for conscious thought. The book presents several primary axioms, including the principle of survival, which is the lowest common denominator of the finite universe. Overall, the book aims to help individuals achieve a new stage of constructive progression towards their ultimate goal of survival and happiness.

The Basic Book - Evolution of a Science

"Evolution of a Science" is a book that describes the development of Dianetics, a therapeutic technique that aims to treat mental and physical illnesses. The book explains the scientific principles and axioms that form the basis of Dianetics, and how it offers a new perspective on human behavior and the potential capabilities of the mind. It also discusses the various discoveries made through Dianetics, including the nature of pre-natal experiences, the factors of birth aberration, and the recording and retention of memories. The book concludes by offering hope that Dianetics can lead to a higher level of mental and physical health for individuals and society as a whole.

The Basic Book - Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health

"Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health" is a book that explores the human mind and offers techniques for achieving one's full potential. It is based on years of research and testing, and presents a new understanding of the source of mental and physical problems. The book offers a set of axioms that can be applied to all aspects of human thought and behavior, and provides a practical guide for treating mental and physical illnesses. The goal of Dianetics is to produce a "Dianetic Clear," an individual with greater intelligence and freedom from anxiety or illness. The book presents a new science of mind that is simpler than physics or chemistry, but just as exact in its axioms.

The Basic Book - Science of Survival

The book "Science of Survival" is a comprehensive guide to understanding human behavior and the factors that influence it. It explores the concept of the "tone scale," which is a measure of a person's emotional state and level of survival. The book also delves into the dynamics of existence, including the relationship between theta (spiritual energy) and MEST (matter, energy, space, and time). Additionally, the book discusses ethics and their role in promoting survival and rational behavior. Overall, "Science of Survival" provides a unique perspective on human behavior and offers practical insights for improving one's own survival and well-being.

The Advanced Books - Scientology 8-80 and 8-8008

"Scientology 8-80," written in 1952, explores the discovery and increase of life energy in the genus Homo Sapiens. It is a specialized form of Independent Scientology that focuses on the electronics of human thought and beingness. The book introduces new simplicities of theory into the field of human thought and brings the study of human thought up to a level at which it begins to embrace all thought and all life, not only of man, but of all organisms.

"Scientology 8-8008" is the result of 25 years’ investigation of electronics as they apply to knowledge and human thinking. It is a work that applies Occidental engineering to the investigation and practical application of data to the human mind. The book introduces new theories and methodologies that have become accepted fact by the medical profession and have been in use now in medical field institutions for decades since. It is considered by some as the only significant enlargement of the field of the mind since Freud’s papers in the late 19th century and by others as the Western world’s first workable organization of Eastern philosophy.

The Advanced Book - The Phoenix Lectures

"The Phoenix Lectures" are a collection of lectures given by L. Ron Hubbard in 1954. The lectures cover a wide range of topics related to Scientology, including the nature of the mind, the dynamics of life, and the principles of auditing. Hubbard also discusses the history of Scientology and its relationship to other religions and philosophies. The lectures are intended to provide a deeper understanding of Scientology and its principles, and to help individuals achieve greater spiritual awareness and personal growth. The book is considered a foundational text in the study of Scientology.

The Basic Book - Dianetics 55

"Dianetics 55" explores the human mind and provides techniques for increased ability, rationality, and freedom from the discovered single source of aberrations and psychosomatic ills. It is an effort towards the attainment by Man of a level of freedom where decency and happiness can prevail, and where knowledge of the mind itself would prevent the unscrupulous use of the mechanisms of slavery. The book is dedicated to the attainment of even greater freedom and is an understanding of Man. It provides a way for the mind to understand itself and become free from obsessive behavior, unthinking compliances, and covert innuendoes.

The Advanced Book - Advanced Procedures and Axioms

"Advanced Procedures and Axioms" outlines the definitions, logics, and axioms of Scientology, which form the basis of its epistemology, or the science of knowledge. The book covers a range of topics, including self-determinism processing, justice, the role of the auditor, the evolution of man, advanced procedures, thought, emotion, effort, postulates, evaluation, types of cases, and more. The book emphasizes the importance of understanding the underlying reasons for postulates and the need to contact them in order to achieve success. It also provides definitions and explanations of key terms and concepts used in Scientology.

The Basic Book - Introduction to Scientology Ethics

"Introduction to Scientology Ethics" explains the ethical principles and practices of Independent Scientology. The book covers topics such as the dynamics of life, the importance of ethics in Independent Scientology, the role of the Ethics Officer, and the use of the E-meter in ethical and technical matters. It also emphasizes the importance ethics and morals in today's society in order to achieve optimum survival and success, giving the reader the tools to do so. The book provides a glossary of key terms used in Scientology and aims to help individuals achieve a higher state of being through ethical conduct and spiritual growth.

The Basic Book - E-Meter Essentials

"E-Meter Essentials"  provides a comprehensive guide to the use of the E-Meter in Independent Scientology auditing. It covers the basic principles of the E-Meter, including how it works and how to use it effectively. The book also includes detailed information on how to read the E-Meter, how to interpret the readings, and how to use the E-Meter to identify and handle charge in the pre-clear's case. Additionally, the book covers the different types of E-Meters available and their respective features. Overall, E-Meter Essentials is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the use of the E-Meter in auditing.

The Basic Book - Problems of Work

"Problems of Work" discusses the problems people face in their work lives and offers solutions to overcome them. It emphasizes the importance of work and purpose in life, and how they are interconnected. The book also explores the relationship between work and personal satisfaction, and how to achieve a balance between the two. It provides practical tools and techniques to improve work performance and productivity, and to overcome obstacles and challenges in the workplace. Overall, "Problems of Work" is a guide to help individuals achieve success and fulfillment in their work lives.

The Basic Book - Clear Body, Clear Mind

"Clear Body, Clear Mind" outlines a detoxification program called the Purification Rundown. The program rids the body of toxins and drugs, which cause physical and mental problems the more they build up in the tissues of the body over time. The book provides information on the program, including its benefits, how it works, and what to expect during the process. The program involves a combination of exercise, sauna sessions, and vitamin and mineral supplements. The goal of the program is to improve overall health and well-being, increase energy levels, and enhance mental clarity and focus through ridding the body of harmful drugs and other residual chemicals while replacing them with the vitamins depeleted through their exsistence in the body.

The Data Series Policy Letters

The Data Series Policy Letters are a set of policies that help individuals to think logically and make informed decisions. They emphasize the importance of investigating things carefully before making a decision and looking for things that are contradictory to true logic in life. The Data Series can be used to work towards an ideal scene by helping individuals to envision what their ideal scene would look like and then identifying the departures from that ideal scene. By using the Data Series, individuals can identify outpoints or departures from the ideal scene and then work to correct them.

You can converse with the rest of Indpendent Scientology's voluminous LRH library of lectures and texts by starting a major course or auditing by contacting us here at AOGP.  Become part of the brave new world of machine learning and AI. It definitely is a brave new universe in technology to help you move up the bridge from the comfort of your own home.

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