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Stories from or about AOGP Independent Scientology auditing.

AOGP Tech Blog - 20

"So, the next time you’re feeling unhappy, ask yourself when last you’ve won at something, and then find something you can win at."

AOGP Tech Blog - 18

"You may ask yourself, "What is this all about?" Well, after over 70 years and much debate and experimentation, Earth physics has now proven that the physical universe is just one of many universes with this experiment. That's really what this means from an Independent Scientological viewpoint."

Independent Scientology Tech Blog

Our latest blog posts can now be found as seperate posts here: AOGP Tech Blog - 18“You may ask

Independent Scientology Grade Zero Completion Success Story

On communication - WOW!! Either you make an impact or you don't. I used to wonder what was at the

Life Repair Auditing Success Story from Austrailia and Thank You

ARC Straightwire Grade Completion Success Story

I will try to put together in an understandable manner my wins and realizations... The concept of time to me

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