Trusting the Process - from Scientologirl

November 16th, 2022

If I had any piece of advice for anyone lower on the bridge or just starting out, it would be this: trust the process. So often, I think people expect to be OT after doing a grade and so when they’ve completed a grade, they may be prone to be a little disappointed that they can’t walk through walls yet. 😅

Getting to Clear and beyond cannot and will never happen in an instant because all of the grades and processes are necessary leading up to that point. When people think they’ve gone Clear just by reading the cognition, I can’t help but feel the urge to help them with their MUs because that is truly what it is, a misunderstood concept, word, or symbol.

It’s not even arrogance here, it’s my own personal experience! Honestly it took me until about Grade 4 to really see how far I’ve come, and with every Grade, I questioned if I was really done because I’m a sceptic at heart.

It’s also important to remember that if you were raised in a family of “realists” who also dealt out loads of invalidation your way, it makes you invalidate and question your progress (that’s why knowing about PTS tech is vital.)

To really see the gains, I just needed to use obnosis. When you have a comparable magnitude of where you were vs where you are now, the changes are obvious. I’m not talking about things that one can’t quantify into statistics like “my space is more free.”

I’m talking about literal things in real life such as how much has my gross income increased, by how many points has my personality test increased, how many days/weeks/months have I managed to stick to a routine, how many good friends do I have now that I didn’t have then, etc. Most importantly, how happy one is, is an excellent measure of how one is doing in life, and for me, happiness is the most important trait for several reasons (and it can be measured by the personality test).

One can only be happy by working towards one’s goals. Notice also that happiness is a Beingness, brought about by Doingness, and I can assure you, Havingness follows. So if you want to get rich, focus on being happy, not money, lol

I’ll break it down further. You’ve probably heard by now that life is a game. Games always have the potential to win or lose. Our purpose is of course to win. That’s just how we’re “built” - to play in order to win. One’s goals are the games we choose, and the attainment of the goal is the win.

We do all this while still surviving, using these smaller goals to help our bigger goals, such as “I want a six pack so I’ll go to gym every day!” - or the liquor store, depending on what one’s goals are. So, the next time you’re feeling unhappy, ask yourself when last you’ve won at something, and then find something you can win at.

What does happiness and being lower on the bridge have to do with each other? Well for one, if you’re not happy, your outlook of everything isn’t going to be as good as it could be, including your progress.

The funny thing is, we are all creating our own fates, our own realities, and the best reality you can have is a happy one. Life isn’t going to be pleasant all the time - everything has its tides, and the universe has its flows, and so too must we endure the bad with the good, but I tell ya, life is a lot more beautiful when you see the bad for what it is, and don’t assume when the good comes around it’s bad because of one’s reality.

Trust the process.

We don’t know what we don’t know. If our measure of how good life can be is seen through eyes that’s never known anything more than pain, happiness would seem pretty foreign and unattainable.

That’s a worst case scenario, and if you’re here with us, you’re a lot better off than that!