I will try to put together in an understandable manner my wins and realizations...

The concept of time to me has always been measurable by observing decay, but when observing time from a distance I come to see more clearly what is meant when some say... there is no time. Like if you remove yourself from your daily physical life, there is only existence. No clock is ticking to tell you that you are late or tired. Existence doesn't get old; it is on-going, immortal.

Another idea that becomes more real to me is that life entirely is built on the wrong FOCUS. We are focused on working, and then paying bills and then dying, worse even we think that this is normal. We have come to focus on material and bodies as being the biggest part of life when all it probably is is a drop in the ocean. I had felt certain that my body was my life, that my experiences were my life, that my accomplishments and what people would remember of me was my life. In the last session, at the end of the session I was beginning to feel like I had no memory... or at least how important I thought memory was wasn't anymore. Almost like it was easier to go (to the moment and re-live it) than to remember it.

What I do know is that I have heard of ideas OUTSIDE the box, I've always felt like all was possible, yes, but now I have a means to achieve past the regular... life that seems all too simple and painful in the first place.

I can see clues all around me of how wrong our situation is... it's wierd but interesting. It's funny that no one is asking any questions.... that's WEIRD!