The first thing that came to my mind while doing Original OT V, was ‘Why in the hell did they drop this out’? I remember an OT VII Friend of mine’s reaction when I was admiring him and that he was "Cause over life" with OT VII. He said that that was nothing and that the real goal was to be cause over MEST.

So, I ask Again, why the hell did they drop the Original OT V out???

Anyways while I was auditing one of these MEST processes Downtown, and pulling in Energy from all over the place, I felt power surging back into me. And to my amazement, a couple of very powerful people noticed my presence and asked me what I was doing. These two people were the ex-mayor of the city for the last 20 years and now running for governor, and the other one was the current federal opposition leader running for prime minister. The mayor knew me from the relationship we fostered during my Narconon days.

I just told them straight up that I was running Scientology processes. The one running for prime minister was very interested and was looking at my clipboard and started to read the instructions. Then he looked at the ex-mayor and said WOW, this is powerful stuff. I told him that he ain’t seen anything yet. Then we discussed how he would get Trudeau out and become the new prime minister. I told him that he better do so and that I would put more energy into his postulate. Then we shook hands and I went on with the level. It’s incredible that they were able to spot all this energy surging around me in the crowd while doing this original OT V step.

We need to remember that MEST was actually put there by Theta. We were there before it. We are trapped in it because we put those traps there to be trapped in.

Once we re-know these mechanisms, we can appreciate MEST for what it really is.