As Grade II comes to an end, I really wonder how on earth I managed to go so long without it. The most beneficial ability one gains from doing this Grade is the ability to be back at Cause again over one’s own life. Since two months ago (going on three), I have completely changed my life for the better, doing things I NEVER thought were possible.

One of the biggest problems I had in life was that I just couldn’t stick to anything for very long before I got overwhelmed or bored or just entirely lost interest. Now, I have been more consistent than I have ever been - if someone said all I had to do was talk to someone a little each day and eventually I’d gain the ability to be consistent, I’d have laughed at them.

Now, I am even at cause over my consistency in any given subject as I KNOW what caused it. A second unexpected win is that I honestly feel like PTSness is a thing of the past and that simply won’t happen again with the data I have now.

These two things have seriously transformed my life: I’m losing weight, I’m exercising, I’m so much more peaceful, and where I once didn’t really care too much for my first dynamic, I now realize just how important taking care of oneself is and am doing everything possible to increase my statistics. I also quit smoking roughly three months ago too, even though I’m living with smokers!

Life has really become easy, enjoyable, and peaceful, and I can’t wait to see what Grade III brings!

Thank you, LRH, for your dedication to mankind and me, my life will never be the same again. Thank you to my wonderful husband for getting me through this grade, words are simply not quite enough. I have been given the greatest gift I could imagine: a second chance at life and all of its beauty.

-Much Love, LB (Scientologirl)