The Personal Efficiency Course was one of the most practical and enjoyable courses that I’ve taken so far. The course offers not only useful instruction on how to approach organization and carrying out routine household and work duties, but also intriguingly (for me, at least) delves into the Scientology religious concept of being and operating as a Thetan in every unit.

Some of the practical points I learned were:

How to determine what is important and what to tackle first when facing several tasks at


Why projects are left unfinished or abandoned altogether

Why I procrastinate

How to set goals

What causes misunderstandings and arguments between co-workers

What competence is

How misunderstood words prevent communication

How investigate the reason attempted tasks fail or why individuals don’t do their work

Qualities of an effective organization

How to approach learning a new subject or job

The importance of confrontation

How best to contribute to work of a group

How to avoid failure and achieve success

How to gain confidence in a subject

What a professional is

Proper steps to rectify a failed situation

Some of the Religious concepts I enjoyed studying were:

The definition of an OT- Operating Thetan

The gradient scale of being an OT

Target attainment as an OT

The exploration of what Happiness really consists of

Cycles of Action (both a practical and religious subject)

Being at Cause

The supreme test of a Thetan

How a Thatan’s power is measured

What causes destruction?

What are good control and bad control?

What causes war?

What makes up good art?

and KRC (Knowledge, Responsibility, and Control)

I’d highly recommend this course if one is struggling with organization and setting or attaining goals as well as desiring more knowledge about Scientology concepts in depth. It was also a lot of fun!  - CK