There is A LOT of valuable information in this course. Mind you getting audited in parallel is a must!

Truthfully, I had been acquainted with Independent Scientology in the past. Unfourtunately when reading references from LRH, some hit home and others I had absolutley no reality about. No matter what misunderstoods I clarfied or demos and whatnot, I could not have reality on some material. This definitely ARC broke me in regards to Independent Scientlogy. When I started getting auditing, only then, I could widen my scope of perception and experience and be able to have reality whether it be on overts and witholds or just gaining ground on the importance of my other dynamics. Basically auditing made me (the ostrich that I was) pop my head out of the ground so I could actually see the world around me.

Back to the course; a part of it dealt with the tone scale and the chart of human evaluation. Boy, does this help in understanding people. Understanding their motivations and how their chronic tone level drive their behavior.

These elements really got me seeing people (accurately). It made me stop expecting others to reason the way that I do, because they are not looking or feeling from my standpoint.

So the book, Science of Survival is what holds this chart, and I am more than excited at the idea of reading from beginning to end rather than just a few pages offered by the checksheet requirements.

All in all, I'm glad for having done this course; I have been able to handle my own PTS situation and help others with theirs. I am able to see the pattern of man in the decisions that he makes to stay or leave certain situations; even how his general tone aids or hinders his behavior towards his own survival.

There is so much information that I didn't have; and I went about guessing and hoping for the best. This new knowledge offers a better control over one's life and is a great place to start!