Update: October 4th, 2023

Second Win -

L11 — WOW!!! I must say that to regain the awareness of one of my BASIC INTENTIONS is revolutionary for my life. It has been very important to me to step into my own intention and my own goals, yet I had been holding myself back for many, many years.

What I thought was keeping me safe and “under the radar” was really ME keeping ME playing small to myself and those I intend to impact in my life. I haven’t been honest with myself. It really hasn’t been about anyone else or money or glory… its about my Intention. THAT’S IT.

This process opens up so many "doors" you never would have thought were keeping you down.

My Goodness!!

First Win -

While running L11, so much charge blew off and I was able to really see ME! I kid you not, from going Exterior to taking a long hard look at my own flows when it comes to Business, Religion, My Dynamics, I was able to spot the considerations holding me back.

When LRH says that we are big, powerful thetans being held down by a piece of lint, boy do I get it now. I was withholding myself from doing what I am extremely good at... all because of what some insane people with insane considerations to make stop.

Well not any more!!

Thank you Jonathan for amazing TR's and keeping this tech working no matter the barriers.

And thanks to LRH for showing us the way.