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AOGP Tech Blog 24

It's been a few fortnights since our last Tech Blog. We will be merging our Podcast and Blog together from this Tech Blog forward. Deep diving into the "Scientology Outside the Church" podcast and laying out the groundwork here in the blog. Enjoy!


February 12th, 2023

(verb): Gatekeeping -  The act of  denying access or rights to a individual, community, or identity of something deemed important to many, some or one.

(noun): Gatekeeper - One who keeps information, finance, survivability or otherwise important data or potential better survival from others in an arbitrary manner for their own personal gain.

Knowledge is Power

Here we go; we'll do this one from the top down as an echelon of understanding or scale.

Let's face it, you and I know everything is relative, especially if you've done anything in Independent Scientology. Compared to other societies on the whole track, we live in the dark ages technologically, for example. If you've gotten a couple of hundred hours of auditing, you've run into these societies, at least a little, to have some reality to compare to what I am saying.

LRH mentions the profound amount of life in this universe in his lectures and the NOTS series. The problem for most societies on the whole track is simplistic.

There's just too much counter-intention/counter postulation from "other life" due to the incredible amount of that life counter-creating those "in power" who like being IN power.

LRH also states (this has been used out of context by so many less-than-scrupulous internet denizens, I might add), "The only way to control someone is to lie to them." In short, alter-is to control. That which persists has a lie behind it. Controlling someone required a lie to happen in the first place, in other words, or it wouldn't persist into the future as control. More on this in a bit.

Where we are technologically, lying to one another, and the amount of life in this universe dovetail is, you guessed it, Gatekeeping. The Primary Axiom (at least in the physical universe) from Dianetics, the Original Thesis, is "Survive!" also has something to do with this Gatekeeping thing both now and historically in the long game, universally speaking.

Knowledge is power can mean many things to an individual depending on where they are on the Tone Scale and Chart of Human Ability. Lower tones will use their data for themselves; the Rockefeller family would be one example on the low end of the scale. Higher-toned beings will use it for the good of all; Nikolai Tesla is a modern example of this higher-end viewpoint.

Unfortunately, those with the fastest manifesting upper hand, usually due to low their low-toned actions (overts and withholds of lying), seem to lie/ (alter-is) the most and thus get into power fastest, resulting in control of the masses through usually VERY large-scale Gatekeeping, which is what we see here on Earth currently in this latter capitalistic game period we find ourselves as well as a litany of other societies on the whole track.

As one progresses up the Bridge, emotional maturity, at least on Earth, is all that is lacking to remedy Gatekeeping. Due to the omnipresent reactive mind issue here in this sector of our galaxy. - It becomes painfully apparent. But I digress.

So many Postulates, So Little Control

Ultimately, the solution to stopping life other than your own, historically, is to put a "gate" up to the knowledge you now have that puts you in power. Usually, gatekeeping works by more covert means, which is what lying/alter-is'ing is on a fundamental and foundational level. They are one and the same, ultimately.

Gatekeeping is a service facsimile, aiding the survival of oneself and harming that of others, which is why it is so prevalent in our society. It's part of the reactive mind and a very dark part at that, right next to an evil purpose in the order of severity.

It's found everywhere in our society, whether in the sad name of "just business," pay-to-play, college (education in general on any - and I mean any subject), Corporate Scientology, ad infinitum.

You get the idea.

Take from another for your own survival. "That's just how it is!" - echo billions of voices. Call it the "capitalism" mentality, exchange, whatever you wish.

In many cases, Gatekeeping is done from an anti-social aspect. "I just don't want you to be as successful as I am." Eliminate the competition before it hatches, and so on—really nasty stuff from our standpoint.

All this is a dramatization of the "Survive!" viewpoint.

Why? Because the game is rigged, plain and simple. Gatekeeping begets gatekeeping ultimately, in the end. If life weren't made so difficult by the Gatekeepers at the top, others wouldn't have to be gatekeeping in order to survive.

These beings at the top have been keeping the true history of the planet, technology, our true nature, free energy (a huge control point for them on this planet), body life length, and much, much more to themselves for a very, very long time.

One of the biggest overts a being can commit is to lessen another being's survival through manipulation of resources and knowledge of those resources, depriving them of their true nature of freedom and a right to sanity (is-ness). From this comes slavery, and a slave is a slave by any other name in these circumstances when it comes to Gatekeeping.

Restricting the free flow of information is Gatekeeping ultimately at the end of the day. The reason is arbitrary, as it is only a justification in the guise of the aforementioned service facsimile above.

The Corporate Church of Scientology and Gatekeeping

I couldn't write this article without mentioning the elephant in the room. In my estimation, Gatekeeping is in great use in the church. But, that said, it is not the bigger problem, only a symptom of all we have gone over at the end of the day. I am not in any way making what that entity does ok by any means, and it isn't.

There is a massive difference between Gatekeeping and a gradient approach to a case, which is what LRH initially intended regarding pricing and ethics. The Gatekeeping changes came long after for those of our readers and listeners, not over the age of 40-45.

Like LRH says, "If you ever have a problem with the Tech, it's not the Tech, but the personalities involved." LRH was not and IS not a Gatekeeper by any means from our viewpoint. Let me be crystal clear on that point.

It's just how it is!

The viewpoint that nothing can be done about it is prevalent, admittedly. But a low-toned one at that. Gatekeeping is completely unnecessary should one decide to do so on their dynamics if they choose to do so when we look at it from an outflow perspective, you to others. You say, "Yeah, but then I have nothing!?!"

That couldn't be further from the truth. Play games where everyone wins. It's that simple. Only play games that aid all dynamics. The Gatekeeping viewpoint was foisted off on us by another civilization that has its fingers in everything we do here on Earth in the present time. The apparency of "that's just how things are" is the underpinnings of why we have Gatekeeping. It's only an apparency, turned into a "now I am supposed to" knee-jerk reaction by those who would own you if you let them.

Please, don't fall for it for one hot minute. Things are about to change drastically due to these influences, even as we write, on all our dynamics. But that doesn't have to be a bad thing, not at all.

We will go into more detail in our podcast on Gatekeeping this week. See you there!

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