My Life Repair Success Story - February 14, 2021.

‌I just finished my Life Repair Spiritual Counseling Service with Jonathan Burke of AOGP and STOSA.

‌I’m not sure where to start, because there were many processes we did. They all were very significant toward handling the major issues plaguing me emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I have occasionally wondered about what Life Repair was through the years and had read that it was introductory auditing and never got the details. However, not having all of the details allowed me to experience it rather than over analyze beforehand. The Life Repair Process was was very beneficial. It helped me handle situations and relationships that I previously had trouble with or misunderstood, putting me in a state of pure “beingness” and feeling much less stress, nervousness, and worry. I would never have been able to do this without Jonathan’s help using the simple Scientology technology designed by L. Ron Hubbard.

‌We started by “getting my rudiments in.” The rudiments are the three other main conditions that can distract a person from getting the full benefit of the auditing processes and are handled before each auditing session. The three conditions are 1- ARC breaks are breaks or upsets the person has with other people regarding their affinity, reality (agreement), and communication. 2- Present Time Problems- problems a person is having right now in their life. 3- Overts and Withholds – Overts are actions the person believes they shouldn’t have done, and Withholds are those overts they are not willing to tell the auditor. Having withholds with the auditor prevents the person from getting in full communication with the auditor during the auditing session, which is necessary for the auditing session to be effective and successful. Getting the rudiments in each day handled many of my fundamental issues, including relationships with people and my present time problems. It also assisted with feelings of shame, regret, and guilt that just wouldn’t go away on their own without the auditor’s help.

‌The auditing’s main parts were terrific in regard to how helpful they were to me. Having read most of the Scientology introductory books and having listened to many basic lectures, there were many processes about which I had read or heard. It was exciting and thrilling to finally be able to run those processes and experience them myself. As beneficial as it was to read or hear about them in the preparatory works, I have to say that it cannot compare by a fraction to the benefits of actually doing them. It’s kind of like the difference between the pleasure of reading about someone eating a delicious meal in a beautiful gourmet restaurant versus going to the place and dining yourself.

‌An area that was greatly helped was in my Second Dynamic which deals with sex and family. I had so much emotional charge released, including grief, shame, and hopelessness around this dynamic. I’ve read that this is a very spiritually “aberrated” or degraded dynamic for people on earth, as there is a constant barrage of false data in the media about it. The history of man on earth is strewn with suppression, cruelty, slavery, and stupidity about the Second Dynamic. At the end of this step, I felt as if someone had lifted a tremendous weight from me.‌
‌There were processes that were a delightful surprise and amazing in helping me blow tons of grief and despair emotional “charge”. Also, There was a couple of times when I experienced moments of my being a spiritual being rather than feeling that I was just a body. Scientology calls this going “exterior” or the experience of being outside of the body I got enormous wins from this Life Repair experience.

There will never be a way for me to thank Jonathan enough for his expertise, understanding, and patience. Without his remarkable “beingness” and skills I’m not sure I would have had all the gains I did. I’m also very grateful to L. Ron Hubbard. Because of Jonathan and L. Ron, I am now much better equipped to deal with life going forward.