...Let’s face it, being in lower conditions can be incredibly demotivating as it’s tied into our self-worth. Nobody likes to realize, or worse yet, be told, that they’re a liability, and I actually question the success rate of coming out from a liability condition and going up through the conditions because of one key factor: we are creatures of habit, and in order to land in a position as a liability, you have to have had a pattern where you couldn’t be trusted.

Aside from these factors, when you take a look at the blatant abuse of power from those issuing others a liability condition as a Scientologist, you realize that nine times out of ten, it’s a power play. "You did x to me so I can make you make up the damages until I feel you have appeased me." Unfortunately, Scientology doesn’t work when used from an egocentric position. The person might be a liability, but they’re not an enemy, and if they’re not an enemy, then in some way their value to the other person(s) must make them a friend, albeit a misguided one, and if they’re that then they deserve help. The help extended to them can’t just be "well here’s the condition, and I’ll make you wrong for it."

Yes, liabilities are liabilities and they can create problems for others, but that’s only half the story, literally. If you have a liability around you, and this person is part of your dynamics, what KRC have YOU been taking so that this person isn’t a liability? If the person is uneducated, educate them. If the person is dishonest, create a safe space for them to ethically grow through honesty. It’s important to note that if this person isn’t a part of your dynamics and you claim they are a liability, you really don’t have any place to be calling them one. Applying liability and being a liability simply means that there’s work to be done by all sides. Don’t believe me? Usually a person is assigned a condition of liability when the person assigning it is in a condition of Doubt about the liability, and part of the formula for Doubt is "Do everything possible to improve the actions and statistics of the person, group, project or organization one has remained in or joined."

The sad truth about the Liability Condition is that it’s an incredibly lonely and isolating Condition when applied wrongly. Holier-than-thou people walk around assigning these conditions as a way to lift themselves up while suppressing another and it really is a projection of who they really are. On the other hand, the person in liability feels and believes he’s a problem and doesn’t deserve help from his friends, and so continues the liability pattern, because a thetan gets what he postulates, thus, if this thetan postulates he’s a liability, he will always be a liability. What would the solution be then?

The solution would be to not condemn the arm for having a boil yet again, but rather to put salve on and to prevent it from happening again. We as the human race and as part of a bigger picture than ourselves (see the Eight Dynamics) are the body, mind and soul that come with that arm that is a liability. We need to HELP liabilities, not harm them with radical shaming. Imaging telling your arm it is a liability and then leaving it to figure out the boil on its own as the boil festers and spreads. Unimaginable, right? So it must be with thetans who are struggling to find their way. They are still basically good beings and are just as deserving of ARC as the person in Power.

Don’t ARC break them, don’t make them wrong for their overts, and don’t leave them to figure it out on their own, as you have agreed that they are part of your dynamics. The best thing you can do for a person in liability is to help them with compassion, not arrogance. We need to remember as a basically good being, the person isn’t inherently evil or negligent or stupid -they got that way as a result of postulates made in desperation while trying to survive on this challenging rock, just like you and me.

Look out for your liability friends, lest you become a liability yourself with no-one to help you.