Februrary 19th, 2024

I started this course thinking I knew how to study, boy was I wrong. It hadn’t occurred to me that I knew absolutely nothing there was to know about it. As I went further and further into the depths of the course I came across a few realizations, I am now able to read something and go “okay what’s this word mean?” To me, that’s a considerable leap forward from when I started this course.

I want to thank my supervisor, Jonathan Burke for not going too easy on me, and for taking the time to help me whenever I needed it. Honestly, the vast majority of demos, clay demos, practicals especially, really helped me put the study to good use. I especially loved doing the clay demos as it helped add mass to the significance of it all. I loved this course in the end, it’s helped me get a better understanding of what it means to look at the bigger picture of something, words for example, they can mean a whole lot more than you’d expect when you look them up and clear them.

To sum this up, as it’s getting a little long now, I really enjoyed Student Hat, it’s made me more aware of certain things that I can really use to get better at a lot in life. Thank you to all who have helped and encouraged me to keep going, in the end, I’d say it was well worth it.

Thank you!

  • MK